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Natural Remedies Reviews: Natural Treatment Options & Prescription Medication Alternatives

Here’s reviews of some natural alternative remedy products to prescription medication. Please visit our site again as we will add more product reviews over time. Please visit our Natural Anxiety and Depression Remedies Store for more info and to purchase them and other great natural products.

Elixinol Hemp Oil: CBD Hemp Oil Review

CBD Hemp Oils vary in quality and Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil is definitely high quality and one of my favorites. I found their product definitely helped me when facing anxiety and panic attacks. It also calmed me down enough at night to sleep when anxious. They offer CBD Hemp Oil in many forms including capsules, hemp oils, CBD Oil liposomes, oral applicators, tinctures, hemp protein powder, hemp seeds, and CBD topical balms. Now they even have CBD Pet Treats for your dog and cat…

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Elixinol CBD Oil Review

Valerian and Hops

Valerian and Hops together provide a safe natural way to get to sleep. I tend to have difficulty with getting to sleep at times due to anxiety and when I take this combo at bedtime I do generally get a restful night of sleep. Some nights I do wake up in the middle of the night despite taking this. However I do more often than not get back to sleep so I’d strongly recommend this product. I also take Valerian and Hops when stressed during the day. The link below has this product with Hops and I recommend buying here as most Valerian supplements do not include the Hops which I feel makes a difference! They also have the best deals for supplements I seen anywhere so I always buy from them:

St. John’s Wort 300 mg

I’ve been taking St. John’s Wort 300 mg regularly for the past 2 years as I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I can definitely say it does help me have a more positive mood than without taking it as I tried not taking it to see the difference. My mood does improve after taking it. The link below has this product and I recommend buying here as they have the best deals for supplements I seen anywhere so I always buy from them:

Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements

This is an important supplement to take if you suffer from depression and anxiety as I do so I take it everyday and find it does help. I also have joint pain at times and find Omega 3 Fish Oil helps for this too. So I’d strongly recommmend taking Omega 3 Fish Oil each day. The link below has this product and I recommend buying here as they have the best deals for supplements I seen anywhere so I always buy from them:

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